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 It accomplishes nothing but making the Madden 21 coins game longer and it's not fun like teabagging on  killcam. It's just another example of promoting useless realism out of non-football/non-madden fans.I think my new policy will be  just one madden per console generation. I played like 300 hours on 18/19. When I got 20 I had been profoundly whelmed. I have  maybe played 50 hours of this. They enhanced the speed and UI but almost nothing else.In 19, I performed through all 30 seasons.

I  played maybe a couple of seasons on madden 20 and decided I had had enough. It did not take long to realize that I had been  playing the exact same exact game.I think it also helps we are in a global pandemic still. . I don't see this getting better by  sunlight and I have about 7 buddies also obtaining it.Did this past year I had taken 2 years away and had some great fun with 20.  It doesn't excuse the absolute ineptitude of all EA sports - but the game is fun to f you take some time away from it for a few  years.Hasn't been a solid game in 11 decades. Madden 09 2nd gen consoles gold era. I skipped 20 purchased 21 on launching day  played it never played it again I wish I can get my money back, hurry up 2k rescue us!I purchase madden every year because I like  soccer. Tbh this years gameplay feels a little better and a bit more realistic. 
However not about the level of the past 2k soccer  game but... I'm cool with it.As soon as you start trying to play online, you will see it is no pleasure (and almost impossible) to  compete against people who can drop $500 online card packs. Oh and all the time/work which you put in the group is gone once the  game comes out.Don't feel bad. You are experiencing a game as it is, rather than comparing it to previous matches. Madden is a  solid football game. It absolutely doesn't really add attributes from year to year (like most of the sports songs ).I purchase it  nearly every year and I really am having fun with Madden 21. 
Best gameplay by a mile. My only big criticism is the lack of  invention with the franchise mode. Otherwise than that, I'm pretty satisfied.People are going to purchase football games is a very  simple fact. By NFL showing EA to be the sole license they enable EA to place as little effort as possible.What's sadder is EA's  contract with the NFL was finally running out and what happens? The dumbasses in the buy Mut 21 coins only turn around and hand EA a different  contract since they enjoyed EA's strategy for"innovation" later on. What a load of bullshit.

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By rsgoldfast
Added Oct 13



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