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At Boxden, back in the day, before all the memes started, we were using regular pictures in place of memes, in place of emojis. We call it a smiley. That’s just how we express ourselves. We use a lot of pictures Online Cigarettes Store USA, we use a lot of GIFs, a lot of smileys. So I, and maybe a couple other people, were using the actual [Jordan] picture in place of the smileys that we had. But it doesn’t look the same when you use the whole picture. So, somewhere on the website, there was a thread called

RIKERMY NERIS (Mutant Boy): A few members kept asking, ‘Hey, you Cheap Newport Cigarettes Online Sale should make [the Jordan photo] a smiley.’ … And I’m like, ‘Yo, this is great, why is nobody doing this?’ A couple of weeks passed …

RICO23: Then I reached out personally to him, and I just said, ‘Hey, do this right quick.’

RIKERMY NERIS (Mutant Boy): And I said, ‘You know what? Let me do it.’

RICO23: It definitely started on Boxden, and it was definitely because I asked someone that was better at Photoshop than I was to create it.

RIKERMY NERIS (Mutant Boy): Once I saw it really pop off on Boxden, I knew that it eventually would pop off on other message boards. Once I saw that, I was like, ‘OK, this is about Newport Cigarettes Shop to be big.’ It just caught fire.Twitter, being a site of mass, mainstream participation, is a lot of times one of the last places to get a meme. Crying Jordan, for the longest time, [had] been shared on smaller, more niche sites. On these smaller sites – meme creators, meme generators, specific forums about specific topics, small places like different corners of reddit, 4chan – people play with a lot of images in really creative ways. They throw a lot of spaghetti at the wall. … If something resonates with people, if something clicks or sticks, then other people on that site start playing with it, too. Then they move it out to other sites. And then it moves to your really massive platforms, like Twitter, like Facebook. Months or years later, if that image has clicked or resonated with a lot of people, then it’s massive. So it’s sloooow virality in that sense.

COBY RICH (Digital media manager, Arizona Cardinals): [In] 2015, or maybe late in 2014 during the NBA season, it started popping up and becoming real popular. And I loved it. Every single one of them cracked me up.

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