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A gate valve gets its name through the internal mechanism which allows the flow of water. This mechanism appears like a tiny gate that moves down and up on a stem, and that is connected for the handle ball valve . The handle is often a screw handle that moves the gate around, frequent lowering and raising the valve when necessary. They are best utilised in on/off applications the location where the valve is needed infrequently. They are sometimes obtained in home plumbing systems, though ball valves have become more popular in this region. They are also commonly obtained in the gas and oil industry, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, automotive, and marine applications. They can be employed in high pressure and high temperature environments, so can be often present in manufacturing.

Gate valves have one major edge on ball valves. Because the buying and selling mechanism is slow, they cannot cause a water hammer. For this reason, some municipalities need the valve nearest towards the water meter becoming a gate valve.

However, gate valves have disadvantages likewise. The screw mechanism that opens and closes the valve can simply fall victim to corrosion. Once corroded, the valve won't work properly. Gate valves should be utilised in fully open or fully closed positions, but it's possible on some models with the valve being stuck partially open or partially closed. This causes vibration on the gate, which may damage the valve. Gate valves can be difficult to operate by people that have disabilities, and so they don't supply a visual clue on the "on" or "off" position.

The choice of applications is wide. In addition to steam, oil along with other media, it can be found in medium containing granular solid along with a large viscosity. It can also be used as venting valve and low vacuum system valve.Gate valve is often a valve which has dual flow directions. It’s not subject to your flow directions with the medium. Therefore, it can be suitable for use within pipeline the location where the medium may customize the flow direction. It is also very easy to install.

The term Gate Valve originated through the words gatan, gap, gasse and gat click here , and implies a passage having a barrier, which could be hinged somewhere, allowing it to become OPENED and CLOSED.

Some from the first known gate valves were put to use by the Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans when irrigating fields with water. These were simple wooden barriers, however they were well-suited for that requirements with the task.

In the nineteenth century, intensive growth of gate valves moved quickly forward because of the increasing use within industrial operations. Over time the types of materials involved in their manufacture were improved and modified geared to different applications.

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