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Coals are described as porous, heterogeneousorganic rocks that contain small amounts of mineral matter. 4mm activated carbon pellets Generally, they are considered as one of the most important precursors in the production of carbons. Particularly, bituminous coals are the main precursor for the production of activated carbon.


Activated carbon is has many types which include coconut shell activated carbon, coal based activated carbon, wood based activated carbon. But in this article we will dive deep into the category of Coal Based Activated Carbon and learn its importance.


In order to know about Coal Based Activated Carbon, you will first have to know what Activated Carbon is. Preparation of Activated Carbon is done by naturally occurring carbonaceous material such as coal. Coal is heated in low or no oxygen environment to take away water and other impurities. This processed coal is called char.


Char is further physically and chemically processed which increases its surface area and creates large number of microscopic network of pores. This type of pore distribution of coal based activated carbon makes it ideal to remove all sorts of large and small impurities.


The charcoal has to go through couple of stages. The first stage is the carbonation (devolatilization). The second stage is the stage of activation. Carbonization and activation can be also obtained simultaneously by impregnation with dehydrating agents such as Zinc Chloride and Phosphoric Acid.


Coal based activated carbon differentiated into four types of base material i.e. luminous, lignite, anthracite, sub- luminous that consist of mega, micro& macro pore structures.Activated carbons have a large adsorption capacity. Activated carbon is used in the purification of air, water, gold etc. Coal Based activated carbon is used in industrial sectors, medical sectors, water treatment and purification etc.


Characteristics OF Coal Based Activated Carbon


· High Quality Raw Coal:High quality of coal is used in making coal based activated carbon. This increases the effectiveness of the product.


· Exceptional Hardness:The hardness of coal based activated carbon effects the quality of the product.


· Excellent Adsorption:Adsorption is a distinct method where organic compounds within water react with activated carbon which traps the particles. The more porous the carbon is, the more contaminants it will capture.


· Low Ash and Moisture:A good characteristic of coal based activated carbon is that it gives away fewer amounts of ash and moisture. This makes the atmosphere healthy.


· High Micro-Porous Structure: Coal based activated carbon has a high micro porous structure which enables a larger amount of impure particles to be trapped.


· Odor Control in Liquid:It helps get rid of the unpleasant odor in liquids.


· Taste Improvisation:Coal Based Activated Carbon improvises the taste of water.

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