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What skill(s) (likely 2 at most) is a possibility of becoming to 99? Present-day choices: Fishing (because I have access to shilo village) Fletching (quickness) Firemaking (quickness) And what's an adequate way for me to make cash (planning on OSRS gold getting 10m cash @end of summer)? Present-day options: Crafting nature runes, but the issue is that I dont make a big gain from buying pure essences subsequently crafting with components in abyss. And if I were to mine the essences myself, then it would take longer and if I did, I may as well just promote the essences. Green dragons, gets quite irritating due to the overcrowded place east of Clan Wars. Woodcutting, I have 64 woodcutting and a warrior. Mining, I have access to mining guild but it seems to frooby.

I need a wonderful method of making some money for 65 con im making oak larders I have done barrows but I need a bit quicker way too barrows is beginning to bore meh any sugestions im prepared to invest abut 600k thats all I got to spare the today. What is the quickest way for me to achieve 99 str or some thing above 80. If you guys have read my topics I make alot of these. However, any who just created today and these are the stats... I'm looking forward to doing c wars or somehting mayb mid or high lvl bhing. 58 str 60 att 57 def 41 mage 35 range 35 prayer it only stunk so im going to restart so I ned a few suggestions about how to achieve the 80-99 str an if you have some other tips on the other skill plz post. I'm dieing to do monkey madness but I am really very scared... I would quit if I die on this particular quest. So I would really like to get other peoples perspectives on what I must do. Please answer saying: Can I do it? How hard is it? What if I do/get before exploration? What should I equipt? What if I have in inventory? Thx alot everyone!!!

I enjoyed making a balanced account but now I am at a crossroads at which the levels dont come as simple. I want to concentrate on battle stats that will allow me to make more cash down the road. I just started doing barrows and ranging aviansies at GWD dungeon but I am trying to earn more money/Hour if at all possible. I have about 3mil in bank.

Ladies and gentlemen, I currently have about my neck a glory ammy with a grand total of buy RuneScape gold zero charges left on it. I had been wondering if anyone would head re-charging my own ammy, of course for a price. I really don't understand what one might charge for such a mission, but I expect it would be a reasonable price u would ask. And then of course comes the hard determining factor of me expecting you. It only cost me 38k, so a person wouldnt be sneaking my life away, however there in point comes into play with the title of this topic. Are there any trusted players out there which would mind re-charging my glory ammy?? I would pay you, of course, (though I dont know how much u would want for it.)

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