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The application of columnar activated carbon in industry is irreplaceable. With the progress of technology and the improvement of living standards, columnar activated carbon has begun to enter human life and has a good performance.


Columnar activated carbon has such a good market prospect, mainly related to several advantages:


Columnar activated carbon technology is mature and widely used

Columnar activated carbon can be described as a material that has been used early, popularized, and technologically mature. The application of columnar activated carbon can be traced back to the First World War. china activated carbon manufacturer It was used in military gas masks. After nearly a century of development, the technology has become quite mature and has been used in industry, industry and It has a good effect in environmental protection.


Columnar activated carbon has a long service life

Compared with sprays, although it can temporarily relieve it, it lacks the ability of long-lasting purification. The service life of columnar activated carbon can reach more than one year, which is completely better than spray materials.


Columnar activated carbon is simple and flexible to use

Even if the columnar activated carbon is used in a large area in the industry, it can be directly placed at the pollution source, without deliberate learning and operation. The columnar activated carbon used for households is usually a 50g adsorption bag, which can be adsorbed from the pollution source. It is simple and flexible. Restricted by factors such as site, and the purification capacity is better than most purification products.


Columnar activated carbon can adsorb many substances

Compared with traditional materials, columnar activated carbon has a wide adsorption range, such as common benzene series compounds, formaldehyde, peculiar smell, etc., columnar activated carbon can achieve effective adsorption. At present, there are few purification materials in the city that can be used for multiple purposes.


Columnar activated carbon is safe and environmentally friendly

Columnar activated carbon is very stable and will not react during the adsorption process, nor will it chemically react with organic gases. Pure physical adsorption will not cause secondary pollution. At the same time, it can be regenerated after adsorption is saturated, which meets the requirements of modern environmental protection and is very rare.


Columnar activated carbon is cheap

Columnar activated carbon is mainly processed from coal products, so the price of columnar activated carbon is much lower than other materials, and it is very suitable for modern home use.


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By Carrie Ge
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