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When World of Warcraft Classics is launched later this summer, players will get a nostalgic journey of their lives: the opportunity to return to World of Warcraft, which existed in its original state in 2006. But World of Warcraft is not the only MMO game that has undergone major changes and is irreversible in its life. Although few people remember it, Final Fantasy 14 was originally launched in 2010 and is not good. The game was relaunched in 2013 as A Realm Reborn and continues to be one of our favorite MMO games. However, the 2010 version of "Final Fantasy" will never be lost. After all, fans are most concerned about whether the final game is good or not, and whether the price of FF14 Gil is reasonable.

On the E3, Easy Allies interviewed Naoki Yoshida, the director of Final Fantasy 14 Games. As WoW Classic approaches, he raises a reasonable question: Can Final Fantasy 14 be recreated as a 2010 classic server?

Watching the interview, I know that Yoshida’s response is very lively. Even if the interviewer asks this question, he seems to have inferred his direction and laughed. Although not a native English speaker, Yoshida can summarize his thoughts into a simple word: "nightmare" through laughter.

In response to his response, Yoshida said that Square Enix admitted that the player had asked this question in the past, but did not plan to reconsider the ugly time in FF14 history. In fact, he is worried that the FF14 classic server will even let players stop playing the modern version of the game, or that the player will not spend more FFXIV Gil to play the game.

Yoshida is respected by the FF14 community because he saved the MM MMO of Square Enix's fate, making it really very good. When it was first released in 2010, Final Fantasy 14 was definitely a game disaster. The initial release of Final Fantasy 14 was a complete disaster, and Square Enix brought Yoshida to try to save the project. In a few years, Yoshida used the new engine to rebuild the entire MMO, eventually destroying the old world with a meteor in the game, while the original FF14 went offline and planned to launch a new version. When A Realm Reborn was launched in 2013, it was a significantly better game.

So yes, I am not surprised that Yoshida is not interested in resurrecting the dark chapter. Although everyone seems to be vying for the long glory of World of Warcraft, every new update will make Final Fantasy 14 better and better, and there will be a new expansion on July 2. Regarding the development of Final Fantasy 14, No Clip has a documentary worth seeing.
This weekend, 32 teams may play in the second round on the Rocket League DreamHack Pro Tour, which begins on Friday, May 31, and definately will continue until Sunday.

As the last wedding ceremony before the RLCS World Championship the following month, all eyes take the regional champions NRG and Renault. Both teams have convincingly won the normal season of the year and continue to win their regional championships. DreamHack Dallas could be the first time these teams also have the chance to play against the other after this sort of dominant performance and supply exciting performance to the end of next week's season.

The competition is divided into four groups of eight, each of which you can see below. The group stage will be a two-day seed-based double-elimination tournament, which will provide an exciting single elimination tournament for each of the first two teams on Sunday. Assuming that NRG and Renault have maintained their status throughout the season, we are likely to see the two strong faces facing each other. The real powerhouse will be able to use the various Buy Rocket League Crates flexibly to win the game.

In addition to the two regional champions, the goal of the other 30 teams is to bring their share of the $100,000 prize pool home. About two-thirds of the competing teams come from RLCS or RLRS, which makes some teams likely to fly under the radar. I would love to see Cinderella run out of a little-known team, but history has shown that the quality difference between the RLCS team and the other team's team is too big to be overcome.

Having said that, I may not be surprised when the third team eventually won the overall game. It is very challenging to maintain a really high level of competition within the tournament, particularly if other RLCS teams are stored on a big stage and even prove themselves. They will use various Rocket League Items to fully exploit their strengths and wish to win the sport. DreamHack's double elimination form can even help to make people feel uncomfortable, considering that the team could have more than one opportunity to overcome their initial nervousness and play their finest.

Nexon released a major update on the mobile MMORPG MapleStory M, which began when two new explorer categories, Buccaneer and Marksman, were launched. This update also includes Expedition Boss, Corrupted Empress Cygnus and Link Skills updates and more.

The Buccaneer Explorer allows players to attack enemies at close range with overwhelming charges. At the same time, shooter explorers use cockroaches to gain higher lethal damage at close range and higher final damage over longer range.

These explorers have joined a series of characters, such as the fallen Queen Swan. After defeating the Corrupted Empress Cygnus, players can get a fantasy stone that can be used to make a "Queen's Gear Set." This set is not available for Buy MS M Mesos, so it is very rare.

This update also provides link skills and auxiliary weapons for MapleStory M. Linking skills enable players to learn character-specific skills on the same server. With auxiliary weapons, players can equip one more weapon to attack the enemy more fiercely and versatilely.

Starting today, there will be exciting in-game activities for new explorers, including:

    New Explorer Burning Event: Until June 19th, new explorers between 3 and 75 will receive 3 bonus levels each time they upgrade.
    New Explorer Growth Support: Until June 19th, newly created explorers who reach a certain level will receive a special growth support box.
    New explorers celebrate on-time activities: Until May 30th, players who log in to the game will receive special rewards, including Cheap Maplestory M Mesos, pet packages, character slot coupons, uto-Battle Charge Tickets, Epic Mysterious Weapon / Armor Whetstones.
MapleStory M is now available on the App Store via Google Play and iOS on Android.
After years and years, we finally defeated the Dark Wizard! But this does not explain MapleStory and its bustling community. When a story ends, another story begins, and this new chapter begins with the much-anticipated Pathfinder course.

Pathfinders will be released on June 26, and character pre-authoring will begin on June 12. Pre-creation will allow players to customize the basic functions of the Pathfinder, such as gender, hair color, and more.

As an explorer archer, pathfinders use ancient bows and relics to pierce any enemy from a distance. Players who follow the "Pathfinder" storyline will learn that an ancient curse is placed on her, which gives her an ancient power. This power is different from the power that is commonly obtained with Maplestory M Mesos, which is more devastating.

Tera Burning Project: In addition to this new course, MapleStory players can expect a lot of new game content. This starts with the Tera Burning Project. From June 12th to July 23rd, players who create new characters will receive dramatic leveling bonuses. After reaching level 10, their role is increased by two levels per level.

In essence, this gives players three levels of price. For each level between 201 and 220, the player will also receive permanent starter gear and arcane symbols.

Adventure Island: Adventure Island will begin on June 12. The island will include several mini-games such as Adventure Bingo, Maplerunner, Reverse Combat and more. Players can use their adventure level and collect adventure coins to purchase new items at the Maplestory M Mesos store through the Adventure Island event. For example, buy at MMOAH.

Elodin Secret Forest Theme Dungeon: We will also see a brand new theme dungeon for players between 30 and 59 levels. Known as the secret forest of Elodin, you will find this dungeon in the south of Ellinia. Dark - but cute - New creatures are full of forests, including nightingales, dust bindings, Night Glimmerfox and Blue Spring Sprite. MapleStory will reward players who use the special medal to complete the Elodin Secret Forest mission.

MapleStory will also see some minor updates next to the Pathfinder version. Several work will be remodeled with a focus on Kana and Hayato. The rewards for the low-level theme dungeons will improve, the decline in the restart world will increase, and the mission requirements for the fifth career promotion will be reduced. Many people expect the success rate of the interstellar power and the cost of improving the arcane symbols to improve. .

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