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Yeah I agree. A few are not eager to OSRS gold give it a real try although I believe the version of RS3 they hate from years ago has been improved. I understand some OSRS players who have never even played RS3 and they hate on RS3. 

Just because their friends think its still 2012 and believe Runescape game hasn't changed at all since then.I personally left for osrs only a couple of decades back and could play rs3 again if they implemented a drabscape server with no mtx makeup. The bodybuilders in thongs with anime titties and particle impacts cause me to feel as though I'm playing with some games that's advertised on porn sites that say I'll cum in a moment from enjoying. Aside from that the quests are flat out pvm and better has depth on rs3.

I'm a convert in the other direction, therefore it is happy to find a few interchangeability in the 2 games. For me, exp rates and gold each hour is now kinda laughable only from the"ooooh big numbers.. Type vibe. That said, I can never steer clear of Runescape game for too long, I love rs3 and Cheap Rs gold both. It's the subreddits that fuck up it with the continuous vocal minority screeching. Have a blast, and don't allow the people complaining about niche things ruin it!

The reason the majority of the stuff that was very dedicated/replied/upvoted is because that is preserved down. Since all you need to do is ignore them, tbh the angle of loot boxes being addicting and scummy is bothersome.