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Characteristics of black corundum


With its unique performance and excellent grinding and polishing effect, it has attracted more and more attention and favor from people of insight. It is made of three-water type and one-water type bauxite as raw materials by high-temperature smelting and cooling in an electric arc furnace.aluminium oxide powder The basic abrasive of corundum is concentrated, with strong cutting force, high toughness, combination of rigidity and flexibility, good wear resistance and high work efficiency.


Black corundum standard


Divided into abrasive materials and advanced refractory materials. Abrasive tools made of black corundum are suitable for grinding metals with higher tensile strength. They can cut and grind various general steel, carbon steel, general alloy steel, forgeable green steel, hard green steel, etc. It can also be used as an advanced refractory material and is widely used in steel, chemical and other industries.


Uses of black corundum


1. Free grinding, such as polishing the bottom surface of metal parts before electroplating, and aluminum products;


2. Black corundum can be used for grinding: bicycles, motorcycles, sewing machines, watch parts;


3. Black corundum grain size sand and fine powder are especially suitable for the grinding and polishing of stainless steel workpieces and the manufacture of grinding paste and oilstone.


4. Black corundum can be used for polishing plastic and hardware tools, lighting, etc., and also suitable for sandblasting (glass spraying, rust removal);


5. Black corundum is used as a processing material to make resin cutting discs,hsl abrasive factory coated grinding machines and angle grinding discs, etc.;


6. Black corundum section sand is also the preferred material for underground storage and anti-skid pavement in coal mines;


7. Black corundum powder can be used for polishing.

1. Pore structure. Especially the micropores determine the size of the activated carbon adsorption capacity. If there are a large number of mesopores, it will also have a certain effect on the adsorption capacity.


2. Physical structure. The adsorption performance will be different due to the particle size of activated carbon.https://www.powdered-activated-carbon.com/ It is worth noting that the surface area of activated carbon exists in the rich inner pore structure. It cannot be considered that the effect of finely ground activated carbon is greater than that of the same amount of large particle size activated carbon, but it affects the time to reach the equilibrium adsorption value.


3. Surface chemical functional groups. Generally speaking, the more acidic compounds in the surface chemical functional groups, the more conducive to the adsorption of ji compounds, while the basic compounds are conducive to the adsorption of weak or non-ji compounds.


4. Adsorbent. Different adsorbents have different adsorption effects of activated carbon. For volatile organic compounds, the larger the molecular weight, the higher the removal rate. Gases with easy liquefaction and high boiling points are easier to be adsorbed.activated-carbon-pellets.com


5. Application conditions. Temperature, pressure, concentration of adsorbate, PH value, packing density of activated carbon adsorbent, etc. all have an influence on the adsorption capacity.


What kind of attention is paid to the placement of columnar activated carbon? Generally, for indoors, the more serious pollution source comes from formaldehyde.activated activated pellets wholesale Compared with formaldehyde, its own specific gravity is greater than that of air. This also shows that in our Indoors, more serious pollution exists in our middle and lower parts.


At this time, we place the columnar activated carbon at a position equivalent to the height of the human body, so that the formaldehyde in the air can be better treated, which means that this position is a suitable place for the columnar activated carbon. The placement of columnar activated carbon is that simple, have you learned it?


The service life of the columnar activated carbon is generally about one month, and the columnar activated carbon is a product that can be used repeatedly. Even after the expiry date of activated carbon, we can still use this product again in some ways.


Put the columnar activated carbon in the sun for 5 hours. Activated carbon will be in a saturated state after a long time of use and a large amount of adsorption. At this time, the activated carbon is occupied by a large number of adsorbents and water molecules. yongruida At this time, it can no longer be adsorbed. However, the adsorbed water molecules will be absorbed by the sun. Efficient evaporation can be carried out, so that it can be recycled again.


Columnar activated carbon can better absorb harmful gases in the air and maintain our environmental health and our life health through correct placement in a suitable space and a suitable environment.



The coal-based granular activated carbon is made of high-quality anthracite as the raw material and refined with superb technology. wanyang honeycomb carbon The appearance is black amorphous particles. It has the advantages of developed pore structure, large specific area, strong adsorption capacity, high mechanical strength, low bed resistance, good chemical stability, easy regeneration, and durability.


1. Look at the density


With your hands, the more pores of coal granular activated carbon, the higher the adsorption performance, the lower the density and the lighter feel.


2. Look at the bubbles


Put a small amount of coal-based granular activated carbon into the water to produce a series of extremely fine bubbles, pull out a line of tiny bubbles, and at the same time make a faint sound of bubbles. The more intense this phenomenon occurs, the longer it lasts. The better the adsorbability of high-quality granular activated carbon, the better the quality.


3. Measuring iodine value


Iodine value is the main indicator for testing the quality of coal granular activated carbon. The higher the iodine value, the better the quality of coal granular activated carbon and the stronger the adsorption performance. wanyang activated charcoal When testing the iodine value, we must send it to a professional testing agency or activated carbon manufacturer.


4. Look at various technical indicators


Real coal-based granular activated carbon has low ash content, less impurities, gas phase adsorption value, and CTC. The product has reasonable pore size distribution, large specific area, strong adsorption capacity, high mechanical strength, low bed resistance, good chemical stability, and easy Recycling, durable and other advantages.

With the rapid development of the coconut shell powdered activated carbon industry in recent years, China's activated carbon production output has been far ahead in the world, and the widespread use of activated carbon has penetrated into every field of all walks of life and family life.


The work of manufacturing activated carbon and quality verification of activated carbon has not received attention, which greatly affects the understanding of the functions, manufacturing processes and applications of activated carbon by users across the country, and quality verification.how to make activated charcoal pellets This is not only an expectation for the working conditions of the activated carbon workers, but also the workers in the chemical, environmental protection and other related industries and those who have just come into contact with the activated carbon industry.


Coconut shell powdered activated carbon in my country advocates starting with ideology and science, focusing on advancement, emphasizing applicability, and fully embodying the effectiveness of coconut shell powdered activated carbon, manufacturing and quality verification, new concepts, new technologies, focusing on coconut shell Accumulated experience in the use of activated carbon, manufacturing process and quality verification.


Sufficiently learn from the successful experience of coconut shell activated carbon manufacturing process and quality verification, and continue to absorb the application of coconut shell activated carbon.coconut shell based steam activated carbon Manufacturing and quality verification are the continuous innovation methods in these years, and it is closely combined with the application of coconut shell activated carbon, manufacturing process and quality verification. The essence.


In particular, the application, manufacturing process and quality verification of activated carbon manufacturers that are just starting out, especially emphasize the ideological and scientific nature, full application and standardization, and strive to let many coconut shell activated carbon industry workers have a comprehensive understanding through continuous learning The basic theory, knowledge, and process skills of the production process technology and quality verification of live coconut shell carbon can meet the development needs of the coconut shell activated carbon industry in the new era.



Activated carbon, which is now hot in the environmental protection industry, has become the best choice for pollution control due to its unique properties.what is granular activated carbon The application and development of activated carbon in the water purification industry has also accelerated the pace of my country’s environmental protection industry and promoted the development of my country’s economy.


The pollution problem in our country is getting worse and environmental protection is becoming more and more difficult. However, the emergence of activated carbon has eased the difficulties of the environmental protection industry, rapidly improved the progress of the development of the environmental protection industry, and improved our lives.


my country's activated carbon has a strong ability to purify air quality and purify fresh and clean air. Activated carbon is an environmentally friendly product that our family life cannot do without. And it can also be widely used in solvent recovery, gas separation and other industries in the chemical industry.https://www.powdered-activated-carbon.com/


Activated carbon can be used in various fields of industrial and agricultural manufacturing. As the scope of application of activated carbon in our country becomes more and more extensive, the demand in the environmental protection industry is especially astonishing. As the people pay attention to environmental pollution, and the environmental protection industry The rise will definitely drive the rapid development of my country's activated carbon industry, and will also bring huge economic benefits to the people.

White corundum powder is an economical abrasive with good chemical stability and good insulation. It is also the most economical abrasive suitable for both dry and wet production processes, especially for rough The surface of the workpiece is processed, and the processed surface requires a finer field.

This kind of sharp-shaped, angular artificial table material is second only to diamond in hardness, and is often used in occasions that have strict requirements for iron pollution. brown fused alumina manufacturers It is suitable for processing hardened steel, alloy steel, high-speed steel, high-carbon steel and other materials with higher tensile strength. So, does the white corundum powder affect the color of the processed parts?

In fact, the white corundum powder does not affect the color of the processed parts. It can be used for sandblasting in a process where iron powder residue is strictly prohibited. The powder level is very suitable for wet sandblasting and polishing operations. The processing speed is high and the quality is high. The extremely low amount is suitable for sandblasting operations where iron residues are strictly prohibited.

The traditional white corundum powder is prepared by smelting the raw materials in an electric arc furnace at high temperature, and the white corundum block is processed, finely crushed, and then hydraulically classified into white corundum powder with different particle sizes. hsl abrasive refractory factory Nowadays, white corundum powder is produced. , Namely sintered white corundum micropowder, is to shape the powdery raw material and heat it at a temperature lower than its melting point to make it adhere to each other, bond, eutectic, recrystallize, etc. under the action of additives. The sintering is dense and has a specific performance.

With the improvement of people's living standards, people are becoming more and more aware of health, especially water purifiers are almost necessary for every family. The most important thing in the water purifier is the filter element, which is the core part of the water purifier. The filter element is filled with coconut shell activated carbon, which is used to filter water.

The raw material of coconut shell activated carbon is coconut shell, which is refined through a special process. The appearance is black and irregular granular, with developed micropores, large specific surface area, strong adsorption function, high strength, easy regeneration, economical and durable. powdered activated carbon manufacturers in china It is mainly used for the purification, decolorization, dechlorination, and deodorization of drinking water, purified water, wine making, beverages, and industrial sewage; it can also be used for desulfurization in the oil refining industry.

It has an excellent effect on water purification. It can not only remove peculiar smells and improve the purity of water. It also has a high removal rate for various impurities in water such as chlorine, phenol, arsenic, lead, pesticides and other harmful substances. It is widely used to fill various large, medium and small water purifiers, and also suitable for the decolorization and refining of sugar and refreshing drinks.

Coconut shell activated carbon can effectively remove dissolved organic matter in water, reduce UV absorption, reduce total organic carbon, chemical oxygen demand and chlorine content in water, and reduce trihalomethane precursors in the water. Iron, manganese, and phenol have the effect of removing, which can make the water that is positive in the experiment appear negative.https://www.activated-carbon-pellets.com

It is also possible to adopt advanced advanced water quality treatment technology, combined with the actual situation of urban tap water use and distribution, and put coconut shell activated carbon into a small, high-efficiency purification device that can remove carcinogenic, mutagenic, and teratogenic pollutants, using tap water as raw material. Deeper processing ensures the high quality of drinking water. This not only ensures the health of the residents, protects the environment, but also within the scope of the residents' economic support.

In recent years, the national environmental protection department has increasingly strict requirements for industrial wastewater treatment and discharge. The emergence of activated carbon makes the treatment of electroplating wastewater simple and effective. What are the specific treatment schemes and principles?

The composition of electroplating wastewater is very complicated and not easy to control. coconut shell activated carbon gold The heavy metal ions such as chromium, copper, nickel, cadmium, zinc, gold, silver, etc. contained therein are more toxic, and some are highly toxic substances that are carcinogenic, teratogenic, and mutagenic. Great harm to humans.

Therefore, the electroplating wastewater must be recycled and treated carefully to meet the requirements of protecting the environment and benefiting the people. To choose the most correct electroplating wastewater treatment method, you must first find out the type, source and pollutant level of electroplating wastewater. Activated carbon is a targeted treatment and adsorption of harmful substances in wastewater!

How can we make the treatment effect of activated carbon better? After in-depth research, we found that when the pH value of the wastewater solution is between 3-5, the adsorption effect of activated carbon reaches the best at this time. Of course, this is only one of the conditions, adsorption Time has a certain effect on the adsorption capacity and removal rate. As time increases, the adsorption capacity and removal rate increase. When the time reaches a certain value, the adsorption is basically complete, and the time is further extended. Although the adsorption capacity and removal rate increase but not obvious.www.chinactivecarbon.com 

It can be seen from this that the removal of harmful substances in electroplating wastewater cannot be simply put in activated carbon, and it will be considered once and for all. If you want to pursue good results, you need to use good activated carbon products, as well as the corresponding conditions and reaction time. These are all indispensable. The effect of activated carbon is not only in the removal of factory wastewater, but also in our daily drinking water, domestic water, etc. The adsorption filtration effect is obvious to all, so it is recommended that customers do not blindly value The price requires many considerations and comparisons!

Many people know that the reason for the adsorption of air purification activated carbon is because it has a developed pore structure. Just like the sponge we see, under the same weight, the sponge can absorb more water than other objects. It is also because it has a developed pore structure.


But the pore structure of activated carbon is invisible to the naked eye because they are only between 1×10-12mm-10-5mm, which is not much larger than a molecule. impregnated activated carbon The degree of pore development of activated carbon is unimaginable. If you take 1 gram of activated carbon and expand all the pore walls into a plane, this area will reach 1000 square meters (that is, the specific surface area is 1000g/m2)! It will affect the adsorption of water purification activated carbon. The main factor of sex depends on the degree of development of the internal pore structure.


In the production process of air purification activated carbon, the only way to improve the adsorption performance of activated carbon is to control the production process to increase the pore structure of activated carbon as much as possible per unit volume.


Therefore, the higher the adsorptive activated carbon contains a large number of pores, its own density becomes smaller and smaller, which is why the better the adsorptive activated carbon feel lighter. desulfurized activated carbon At the same time, with the improvement of adsorption, the production cost of activated carbon for water purification becomes higher, and it is increasing in geometric progression. This is the motivation for the sale of activated carbon with low adsorption as high adsorption activated carbon in the market.



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