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And then they homogenized and wow classic gold completely destroyed everything I enjoyed about lock and couldn't morethoroughly have shifted everything that produced every little interaction persuasive. And they set in programs that pigeon holedme into playing 1 spec instead of my entire class.Legion had a lot of great systems inside, but it had some of thee absoluteworst. People to this day don't seem to realize that the worst parts of BFA are them just doubling down on legion's change indesign philosophy. 

Do not imagine back then that in 4 years I'd miss going back every day to some fucking sewer full of rats andfellow sneaky.I didn't say it was the rogues Order Hall lmao I only meant like people with invisibility potions and feral druidsand things...Two more words: sephuz prydaz.I discovered it got nerfed with BFA, I remember farming rep in older nagrand andterrokar forest with it. Made things much simpler.

Yes, it currently grants speed stat, which corresponds to approximately ~8percent growth of motion rate instead of the good ol' 70%.Farming old content and optimizing runs for as close to 100% uptime aspossible was a few of their most fun I had back in Legion. I discovered 4 piles on an old character and has been gonna utilize itto level my shadowlands main.Withered J'im the bastard!Legion was awesome, fantastic memories!Hell, I'll settle for"classesworked".

The completely obviously course redesign broke the match moving into BFA. It is saying something that they are presentapproach to class redesign going into SL is just scrambling to undo much of what they did into BFA. I literally have not playedbecause murdering G'Huun, because it was so dissatisfying how much needless difficulty went into it since most of my main classeshad been shattered after Legion, despite being great & fun classes just weeks ahead.The classes did not desire reinvented afterLegion, they were so damn good during it. All they had to do buy gold classic wow was keep them of the f-ing same! Create the artifact powers baseline!

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