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lily Jul 9 '19
There is Ba Ku and western Siberia in Soviets, for consecutive days all originally robbed Ba Li Ba's plank, huge harbor and sand to get more.In eight greatest big countries in the world, only Germany and Italy most miserably, so only get hold of this oil-field, Germany just calculates to truely have with British and American in contend for the capital of world! But how sail across Mediterranean is always troublesome, good arrive this oil-field have to thoroughly solve France, then solve England's strength in Mediterranean.The thunder virtuous Er is also understand, ; oneself makes great effort again also impossibly with England compare navy, is done not go as well by Italian, so how to break the blockader of the English method fleet in Mediterranean to become a key.Now that the navy can not beat, so unique way be. Thunder virtuous Er and Man Shi Tan due to tooking a look each other just the guard have already spread map at this time, 2 people's vision almost at the same time on French territory after sweeping 1 turn, all slowly fall to stop at a place. Spanish Gibraltar! This place name lets Man Shi Tan start earnest consideration due to quicklying wide awake.The viewpoint had just, he believes now that this oil-field is true and existent, because this the root is Yang Qiu to intentionally throw to want to let Germany thoroughly breaks an old ordered bait.To Germany, this recruits to still really beat at soft rib up, even if the generals would not like to, always the ; dream dominates the head of state of Europe to can't promise to pass this oil-field, either.Is unique make him think impassability of BE, Yang Qiu wants to lend the hand of Germany to exterminate an English method, still is he interested in Africa? Man Shi Tan shake head because of shaking, Middle East, Central Asia and front in Siberia enough grow, Yang Qiu again extremely conceited didn't also to let the army cross Su the Yi private's canal get into the degree of battle in the North Africa. That what does he exactly want to do? Man Shi Tan because of of vision after Egypt and Greece etc. littoral in Mediterranean turns 1 turn, slowly move England.He wants to let England fail, then takes over Su the Yi private's canal to the east of Prince Fielder Jersey all British property?This pours is probably, after all canal to the east is the region that even slavers Germany thousand times.And still kept diplomacy passage with Germany to see up to now from he, don't necessarily don't divide the line the idea of boundary in the last moment. But is really so? .The airplane stops steady after, the machine duty personnel lifted to sit to come out passenger compartment at Chen Hao Hui on the wheel chair. The father of republic intelligence report that once in a very long while didn't leave Hubei looks much old, but the spirit is quite good, see the Yan treasure of arrival accolade a sail still push wheel to come over on one's own initiative.