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lily Jan 13
Do not know that Yang Qiu's you will can't thank to come from to match many countries of help."Roosevelt's self-ridicule smiles, the in the mind in fact has already accepted the suggestion of the Huo Pu gold Si.Because to the United States, Best Hunting Knife money isn't problem, geography advantage is good enough to ensure that the involvement becomes a big winner behind, so he wanted to want to ask a way:"Everybody can tell me current preparation circumstance?"
    Is public on listenning to, know that he has already done decision to have to try to break congresses to limit!Be support actively officials of getting involved the war, army minister history the Ting living to immediately say:"Conscript a work is approaching completion, till October the army can own 1,500,000, can send a first troops before the end of the year at the latest."
    "The Pacific Fleet is Honolulu practicing, I can issue order after practicing and ending, make the gold lieutenant general resident Honolulu and adopt further pressure to Japan."The navy battles the minister Si tower gram to also say.
    "George, if the authorization that gets congress, you will choose which direction do an adjustment first?"
    "Japan!"The answer way that Matthus affirms very much.
    The He virtuous Er doesn't understand:"That day why originally?Just admired in once say, once Germany gets into Spain, England will doom."
    Matthus smiles:"I didn't say that the facing the sun origin opens hostilities, Hitler is still the most dangerous enemy currently, so just have to ensure the safety of Spain and England, adopt an active situation on Atlantic.I suggest that once the Blighty encounters aggression, should send B17 to support.Certainly, if can not obtain authorization in the congress, can first get involved with the name of volunteer.As for Pacific Ocean, should keep to progressively defend strategy, because we should not make Yang Qiu's you too easy.I think that if navy ability forerunner go into Australia, will let the threat that the Japanese feels to attack front and rear.Compare with distance, they have to exterminate Yang Qiu's you's navy first and just probably turn around to deal with us."
    Finish listenning to make collective report, Roosevelt after deliberating a short moment pushes a wheel chair to arrive at an office desk front, Best Hunting Knife from the drawer in take out a letter to hand over to the Huo Pu the gold Si:"Admire inside, you go to Cairo, hand over to Yang Qiu you this letter.Ask the history Di Wei colonel again to fluently turn, if Anna is independent, American government would like to admit their positions."The Huo Pu gold Si understands working hard of Roosevelt, France's withdrawing eastern India has already canned not avoid.Since can not obstruct and also rather admit sending goodwill gestures, so Yang Qiu can not belong to eastern India to the method and directly annex by force at least.