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lily Jan 14
Hi, Lin Jie, these days of green mountains that run into Teng have no?"What to drive is that the Xiao is quick.
  Lin Qing shook to shake head:"More than a months, some newses all have no.Calculate, I didn't want to bring him trouble as well.Take all these for dream."Immediately once the self-ridicule smile, " I, also only dream of power."The suddenly clear and crisp cellular phone bell ring rings out, Lin Qing is from the pocket in take out a cellular phone.
  "Feed."Lin Qing just opened mouth, the close behind facial expression was tiny tiny a change.
  "Tonight?Is all right, Best Hunting Knife that old place sees."Hang a telephone, it is can hardly for Lin Qing's facial expression to see.
  The Xiao is quick to secretly see one eye, soft-voiced way:"Is Li Ming Shan?"
  "In addition to who does this guy still have?"Have in the Lin Qing vision a silk to hate an idea.
  "If he died, good."The Xiao is quick the helpless way is also.
  "Hum, I am too anxious to he dead, can this kind of disaster is a life to grow.Like, quick, come to a stop in the willow tea agency of front, I get off over there."Lin Qing says, fore noodles not the distance is willow tea agency, the car slowly stops bottom, treat after Lin Qing get off, the Xiao was quick and drove a sports car to leave.
  Follow a willow tea agency, the tea agency decorates, attendant that kind of ancient times small two dresses, make the ancient plain breathing rush toward noodles since then.
  However Lin Qing can have no a mood to appreciate these and arrive at this, it just lets she the mood equanimity order.
  The habitual directly ascended the tea agency second floors, once the vision sweep, originally demoralized Lin Qing's vision is abrupt however a bright, the whole personal breath is all just a little urgent a while, connect 2 walk over there:"Teng green mountain!"
  "Lin Qing?"The person whom the Teng green mountain is just leisurely and carefree to drink tea, see an arrival not from a smile.
  Lin Qing sits down in front in the Teng green mountain, the inquiry way of some surprised and some doubts:"These day stem what important affair?Hasn't been seeing you coming to this."This sentence revealed a fact-her Lin Qing come to this willow tea agency every day of, the purpose is obvious.
  "A little bit busy affairs."The Teng green mountain says very at will.
  "Lin Qing, are you all so leisurely and carefree every day?"The Teng green mountain counter-questions a way.
  Lin Qing is smile slightly way:"The affair of company is also easy, the persons of general affair underneath can solve.Meet big deal to just seek me.To, Best Hunting Knife Teng green mountain, you before at Anne proper county city, now at Yang state city.You always don't go home,your wife don't worry, don't urge you to return to?"
  "House?"The Teng green mountain heart bottom deep place drive touch.
  Does oneself have a house?
  In kid's time, that orphanage is been into a house by oneself, there have director grandmother, there have the younger brother green river.Become cutthroat afterwards, want ~only and kitty together, where is all house.
  Does oneself still have a house?
  Not from forbid of, the Teng green mountain touched touch the small Ding that the chest wear, that is the wife'kitty'of keepsake.
  "Teng green mountain?"Lin Qing sees the Teng green mountain become speechless, not from shout a way.
  The Teng green mountain title saw her one eye:"My wife, she died."
  "Die?"Lin Qing Yi stares.
  Is so young the wife make people surprised very much, and even died wives.It is more unimaginable.
  "You don't cross-examine."Teng green mountain the eyebrows is tiny tiny a wrinkly.
  Lin Qing also knows ways of the world, she is understand, so young have a wife, the wife still died.Plus a Teng green mountain artistic skill get, affirmation has a very big secret."Teng green mountain, do you understand to the Yang state city?Thin West Lake have ever been to?Park?"Lin Qing's beginning transfered a topic.
  The Teng green mountain also has 1 and have no an at will and the wood Be at leisure to chat.
  Can Teng green mountain attention but almost at the younger brother'green river'house, but sweep several eyes, as long as a person once walked'green river'the doorway of house, the Teng green mountains will notice.
  Probably around 10:30 A.M., a black Audi A6 drives a green river family stop down, from the driver the indoor comes out one person, high big big and strong, the eyes see in the past, height almost one meter nine, from the driver another side came out one be dressed in a pregnant woman pack, protrude belly of woman.
  "Green river!"Teng green mountain the unbearable heart bottom is a burst of to rejoice with wild joy.